by Richard Amundrud

Here you will find honest descriptive reviews to help you with your considerations of the products covered.  It is most helpful if you self identify your experience level in the background form if you choose to fill it out.

We will attempt to identify the level of experience necessary for successful use of each product and attempt to add bonus products to fill in for additional experience as required by each product.

We will continue to answer the following questions for each product reviewed:

  • Is the sales page believable or is it over-hyped?
  • Is the proof honest for each claim on the sales page?
  • Are the sales examples real, inflated, fake or simply made up?
  • Are the testimonials provable and real – from “known” parties?
  • We will attempt to establish an experience level required for operation.
  • We will identify upsells, downsells and additional offers submitted.
  •  …. and we will always follow our mission statement as a guide in our evaluation:

“Desire to Inspire rather than Deceive to Achieve.”

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Richard Amundrud